Thank You
Extend our heartfelt gratitude for your great support and help

Special Thanks

Our sincere gratitude to the following colleagues who provided generous help in the project. They provided professional advice and support to our undergraduate students and equipped them with essential teaching and classroom management skills. 

  • Google CS First team
  • Professor Wenping Wang ( Head of Department of Computer Science, the University of Hong Kong)
  • Dr. Wilton Fok ( Assistant Dean of Engineering on Knowledge Exchange )
  • Professor Edmund Lam (Professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, HKU )
  • Dr. Vincent Tam ( Principal Lecturer and Honorary Assistant Professor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, HKU )
  • Colleagues in the general office and technical office in the Department of Computer Science, HKU. Special thanks to
    • Ms. Brenda Ng
    • Ms. Veronica Yim
    • Mr. Daniel Hung
  • Mr. Erwin Huang (Chairman, e-Learning Consortium)
  • Miss Jackio Kwok (e-Learning Consortium)
  • Mr. Frankie Tam (Director, FifthWisdom Technology Ltd)
  • Mr. Ma Hoi Hung, Ma Sir (Chairman, Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) )
  • Mr. Wong Kin Wai, Albert (Chairman, Association of I.T. Leaders in Education (AiTLE) )
  • Mr. Tony Chim (CEO, Kotech Educational Limited)
  • Mr. Jimmy K.H. Hui and Mr. Jeffrey M.C. Lee (Coding101)
  • Miss Sandra Chan and Mr. Ryan Lee (EVERBEST Technologies Ltd.)
  • Miss Kelly Lam (UCLA)
  • Miss Jolly Cheng (HKU)