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Computer Science First

We provide the first Computer Science learning experience for students at age 9 - 14 with zero to minimum background in computer programming. Students joining the clubs will attend a series of 8 workshops hosted by our Computer Science undergraduate students. Here are our intended learning outcomes in the clubs:Drawing

  • point-like-gree  Learn basic Scratch programming: Students will learn basic Scratch programming and create fun and interactive stories based on Google CS First teaching and learning materials.
  • point-like-gree  Learn to program a robot: To extend the programming concepts we learnt from Scratch to controlling Arduino-based robots.
  • point-like-gree  Collaborate in a team: Students will be assigned a learning buddy in the club. Collaborative learning allows students to work together toward a common goal, fostering teamwork and communication skills.
  • point-like-gree  Learn more about Computer Science with our gurus: Our Computer Science undergraduate students are kind, caring, supportive and knowledgeable. They will provide assistance and guidance through the learning process.

Students who attended 7 or more workshops and accomplish the tasks will receive a Certificate of Completion.


We offer three clubs in this pilot round. More clubs on advanced topics will be offered after this round of pilot clubs.

  • Club A: 9:30am - 11:00am (Feb 20, 27; March 5, 12, 19; April 2, 9, 16 (Saturday))
  • Club B: 11:00am - 12:30pm (Feb 20, 27; March 5, 12, 19; April 2, 9, 16 (Saturday))
  • Club C: 1:30pm-3:00pm (Feb 20, 27; March 5, 12, 19; April 2, 9, 16 (Saturday))


  • place-icon-red Room KB110, Knowles Building, the University of Hong Kong. 香港大學 紐魯斯樓 KB110
  • place-icon-red HKU Station Exit A2
  • place-icon-red Please visit http://www.maps.hku.hk/ for HKU campus map, search "Knowles Building"
  • place-icon-red Please click here for the directions to the KB110 Computer Laboratory.
  • In case if you are unable to find the Venue, please call 93143753, Miss Jolly Cheng, our project coordinator. She will help. Please feel free to call this number if you would like to know if your students / kids are arrived on time.

Learning Schedule

2/20/2016Check It Out
4/2/2016Interactive Storytelling
4/9/2016Personal Narrative
4/16/2016Your Innovation Story

Our Gurus

A group of passionate and enthusiastic Computer Science undergraduate students are hosting workshops in HKU campus, targeted to lead groups of primary and secondary school students to learn and enjoy the fun aspects of computing.

Fuk Yu Lung (Natalie)
JOURNALISM and Computer Science
As a journalist, I strive to unravel issues that were previously unknown in the field of technology. With CSFirst, I hope to decode the world of Computer Science with budding creators through empowering them with multi-disciplinary problem-solving skills.
Yunqing Hua (Eric)
Psychology and Computer Science
I join Google CS First in HKU because it resembled my childhood Computer Science learning experience, which was great and helped me a lot. I want to hand down this servicing and learning spirit to others, as well as to gain more hands-on teaching experience through this project.
King Yuen Chiu (Anthony)
Computer Engineering
I fell in love with coding when I was a secondary school student and automating robots with C programming language. I truly believe extra-curricular activities, like Google CS First, are able to help Hong Kong students find their objectives. Anthony is a self-motivated Computer Engineering student interested in learning cutting edge technology and passionate about developing innovative and productive applications.
Kin Yin Lee (Peter)
Computer Science
I believe learning programming can stimulate learners’ creativity and foster their problem solving skills. Google CS first provides a platform where I can play a part in promoting this fun way of learning to the next generation. I also believe students will enjoy this experience and learn to understand technologies.
Rutian Ma (Garfield)
Engineering freshman
Let’s find the beauty in codes!
Wai Lun Chan (Ray)
Computer Science
When I was a child, I touched MSWLogo as my first toy programming language. It gave me great sense of success to make the "turtle" run around and do stuffs like drawing lines. It was a fun and enjoyable experience. But MSWLogo is still quite primitive and sometimes dull since it is only black and white. Then I bumped into Scratch later. It can do a lot more stuff and it is pretty cool to create your own games and stories. That is how I built up the interest to programming. I hope I can share my joy from Scratch to other children and have fun together in CS First :)
Tung San Cai (Alan)
Computer Science and Finance
As a computer science student, I think teaching primary and secondary students to learn programming is very meaningful as they could get interest to it when they are young and strengthen their skills when they grow up. Technology will be used much frequently in the future and it is possible that these students can develop many things by using programming in the future. I also hope that they can have fun learning coding through Google CS First in HKU.
Cheuk Yee Shum (Holly)
Computer Science
Google CS first definitely is a meaningful project. I hope we can arouse kids' interest on learning programming and stimulate their skills of problem solving.
Ching Mei Au (Envose)
Computer Science
Hello, World. CS is fun to explore! Welcome to join the CS First family :)
Siu Wai Cheung (Timmy)
Computer Science
Google CS First is a meaningful programme that can nurture some future talents in Information Technology. Being a Gurus, I hope that student can develop their interest in programming and I can assist them to solve some technical problems with my experience in programming.
Ho Ka Miu (Noel)
Computer Science
I think it is very cool to know programming and want to share the joy of it with kids. With CS first, coding can be fascinating and just a piece of cake. I hope kids can get inspiration and enjoy the workshop very much.
Yee Ling Ng
Computer Science
Learning computer science is empowering - to play with logic and create. Through HKU x Google CS First, I want to share with the future computer scientists more than logic, but also the attitude of learning - to make trials, to persist, to make a difference.
On Ki Kwok (Angel)
Computer Science
Hello! Welcome to the world of coding. I am Angel. Coding changes and improves our life on every second. I still remember the moment of running my first HellowWorld program. It really pushes me to move and never stop. Let's try to code and you would love it.
Oi Yung Ho (Yung)
Computer Science
I am always fascinated by the power of programming that building things out of nothing. Everything is possible in the world of CS with our imagination. I believe the project would bring both students and us a great impact.
Qingning Yao (Chris)
Engineering freshman (Computer Science)
At my age 10, I joined a robot club aiming to intrigue the kids' interest in Robotics and Computer Science, I did not know it would have such a great influence on me, like planting a seed of computer science which have grown to a sapling. Right now I am studying CS in HKU, and I'm truly grateful to that robotics club which inspired me, so now I am eager to help the next generation through CS First HKU.